Thailand, Malaysia and Brunei


Thailand, Malaysia and Brunei

It is believed Thailand’s history stems from the Bronze Age some 5,000 years ago. The legacy of this history is a series of temples, shrines, palaces and ancient sites, all depicting unique Thai architectural styles and lavish design.

Despite the modern trappings of its cities, Thailand is firmly embedded in tradition. Thai culture is revered, with rituals carried out on a daily basis. Monks accept their daily alms and people of all ages pray and make merit at one of countless temples. In Bangkok you can at one moment be in the 21st century, the next walking through antiquity.



Thailand, Malaysia and Brunei

In the heart of Asia lies a land of many cultures, wonders and attractions. Made up of two parts – Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo – it is a land of fascinating extremes, where towering skyscrapers look down upon primitive longhouses.  

Blessed with natural wonders galore, it is perfect for a memorable eco-holiday. With some of the best beaches and diving spots in the world, it is ideal for island getaways.



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Thailand, Malaysia and Brunei


  • Sunrise canal boat ride in Bangkok, watching the city awake
  • Train ride on the historic Death Railway near the River Kwai
  • Visit cottage industries for exquisite handcrafts
  • Grand palaces and temples, and time for shopping in Bangkok
  • Chance for getting up close to the wildlife at the Tiger Temple

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